Adobe Stock Review: Praises from Creative Cloud Members

image_1New to the stock photo agency, Adobe Stock has impressed a lot of people, especially the members of Creative Cloud. Adobe Stock photography is integrated with Adobe applications commonly used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, students and other professionals. Currently, the website is contained in Adobe’s private site but it has not stopped users from praising the new stock photo site. We managed to get some reviews from members of Creative Cloud.

Sherrie, 18, Student
Hi! Being part of the digital generation, pretty much everything we need for our homework and projects are found over the Internet. In grade school, we used to gather tangible photographs for our scrapbooks. Now, we have online journals that we cheer up through cheap stock photos. I am a member of Creative Cloud since I use Photoshop to edit my photos. With Adobe Stock integrated in the app, I can directly download them to my library.

Cyrus, 28, Web Designer
As a web designer, I am in constant need of cheap stock photos for my project. As a Creative Cloud user, I am overjoyed with the launching of Adobe Stock. I no longer need to download photos from stock photo agencies to my computer. For my current project, I suggested to my client the use of Adobe Stock photography. We are happy it is integrated to my photo-editing software as we are able to save time and money.

Arnold, 32, Entrepreneur
My Adobe Stock review is no different than the others. I love it! I get to choose from millions of high-quality images to highlight my business. I get to promote my products and services with more finesse and class. I am now on a subscription plan since I’m a member of Creative Cloud. I am currently enjoying discounts, which is the best part of it all.

Sandra, 27, Freelance Writer
I’ve been in the online business for five years and I have encountered a lot of clients who require cheap stock photos with their orders. Although a lot of good pictures are available for free over the Internet, I am not sure if they are safe to use. With all the copyright issues rampant in the industry, I don’t want to take a risk. One illegal photograph could make my clients’ and my career histories. So, I only use cheap stock photos and edit them with my Creative Cloud software. When I heard about Adobe Stock, I was thrilled. No more downloads and full storages for me!

3D of Color Speech Bubbles Design
3D of Color Speech Bubbles Design

3D of Color Speech Bubbles Design Adobe Stock has certainly made the lives and careers of Creative Cloud users a lot easier. No matter what field they are in, they surely get a chance to succeed in whatever they do. All thanks to Adobe’s wonderful stock photography website, being a student, blogger, and businessperson is a lot more fun and interesting.

Flexible Budget Options for Getty Images Footage

getty-images-250They key elements in your brand campaign are led by footage and photos. They do more than just decorating your webpage and brochures. They help enforce a stronger message to your visitors and customers. Footages and photos are so important that you never do away with them. You can get them in a number of sources, so you have no excuse not to include them. One of the leading stock media sites today is Getty Images.

Getty Images footage and photos boast the highest quality in the market. They radiate the stock site’s spirit of genuineness, so they look perfect for any creative project. They are available in flexible budget options, too. The world’s most powerful imagery and videos are right within your reach. Getty offers customized solutions to you every need.

Getty Images provide the right imagery, with flexible pricing to support ay budget or project. You can discover spectacular content in its wide collection of Getty Images footage and photos. Back by leading protection and services, you can use them in any project without worrying about the copyright police. The stock media site also offers its very best and distinctive Prestige collection for images that set you apart from your competitors.


Getty Images purchasing options are tailored to the way you work. You can go with Ultrapacks for one-time projects of any size. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs with specific downloads at discount prices. They never expire, so you can use your downloads anytime. Getty also offers individual and corporate subscriptions for recurring needs. You can also purchase custom rights and exclusive buyouts as you need.

If you want to money and complete your projects 10 times faster, get Getty Images Ultrapacks. We also have a Getty Images coupon you can use to save $100 off when you purchase a 1080p HD video download of any Getty Images footage. What are you waiting for? Purchase high quality footage and photos and experience the Getty service now!

5 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Sunny Adobe stock Photos

adobe-stock-logo (1)What qualities of a website impress you? Many people like a website due to its design, aside from the information, interactivity and functionality it offers. But, if they are going to point out which element made them fall in love, there is a good chance they will answer imagery. Visuals have always been powerful means of communication. While minimalism is the newest trend, images still play a great role in a website’s success. Click this over here now.

Here are 5 core focus on choosing Sunny Adobe Stock photos:

  • Quality. Above everything else, you should consider quality when choosing the right image. Adobe Stock offers high-quality, royalty-free images that look impressive and display a professional approach to your website. While large, high-resolution, pixel perfect images are the best, you should still consider your design concept to make an impact.
  • Brand Relevance. Your Adobe stock photos should be relevant vis-à-vis your brand identity. For instance, if your brand is selling premium products, your images should also exude the classy nature of your products and services. Keep in mind that these images do the talking for you. Thus, you need to remove all doubts of your customers about the use of your products.
  • Actionable. Also known as call to action images, actionable images are the kind that persuade a customer to take action. Adobe Stock photos play a tangible part on your website. You should make sure that they do not only improve your site’s visual quotient, but also urges visitors to take action.

  • Powerful. Powerful images make you want to go through the stories and articles on your website. Their raw power holds the attention of readers, keeps them engaged, and makes them want to learn more about the headline. Adobe Stock offers powerful images that strengthen the content of your site. It is up to you to find the one that suits your creative needs. Of course, you need some kick-ass content to match your already powerful images. They should work in balance and not overwhelm one another.
  • Exceptional. If you are part of a large industry with an equally large number of competitors, you should choose Adobe stock photos that will make you stand out. In such case, you need to get images that differentiate your brand from your competitors. Your chosen images should be able to tell your target audience that you are different – that you are unique.


When browsing the Adobe Stock website for the perfect images for your site, consider these five things that will help you create an attractive and influential website. High quality, brand relevant, actionable, powerful and unique are that qualities you should look for on Adobe Stock photos to complete your creative projects as they will surely capture the attention of your readers, keep them engaged, and urge them to tack action.

Cheap Sun Stock Images: Can You Get Enough of Them?

Cheap Sun Stock Images Are Everywhere


One of the best investments that a marketer can make is purchasing a subscription to a stock image library. When you look at a stock library, what do you look for? How do you choose one? Wait – scratch that. Let’s ask a different question. Do you choose just one? Or do you choose more than one?

Don’t Subscribe to More Than One Library

There are many MicroStock agencies like Stock Photo Secrets that are vying for your subscription. But hey, that’s life, right? Everyone is looking for your business in one way or another. As you browse from one library to another trying to choose which MicroStock library best fits your needs, have you considered that one may not be enough? Perhaps a better option would be to select all of them. Well, perhaps not all of them – let’s take a look at a few of them to see what they have to offer.


Sun IllustrationsDepositPhotos is popular. They are one of those companies that are quiet. As massive as they are, they kind of just sit in the background reaping the benefits of their vast library. Now, they didn’t exactly come from modest beginnings – they had their own struggles when they were starting out. However, now they offer competitive compensation plans for their artists, a wide variety of categories (36 total), and close to 50 million images. The biggest downside to DepositPhotos is the fact that they do not offer audio files. However, they do offer sun stock photos, editorial photos, sun illustrations, vector images and videos.

iStock by Getty Images

iStock does more than just offer images. They have their own blog posts to help people decide what to do with those images. The beautiful thing about iStock is you can pay-as-you-go. You don’t need to commit to a predefined number of credits to make a purchase. Their library includes images, audio, video, vectors and illustrations. Graphic designers and marketers alike love iStock because of their low prices and payment plan flexibility.


123RF is climbing the ranks of stock photo agencies. If you’re on a budget, 123RF has your back with low-resolution photos that begin at $1 a pop. Their library consists of over 37 million distinct images. However, they only offer images, illustrations and vector files. They do not provide stock audio or stock video files. Back to the budget thing, though – 123RF also offers free files. That’s something worth considering adding to your own personal library – even if you don’t need them right away. Who knows? One day you just might.