Cheap Sun Stock Images: Can You Get Enough of Them?

Cheap Sun Stock Images Are Everywhere


One of the best investments that a marketer can make is purchasing a subscription to a stock image library. When you look at a stock library, what do you look for? How do you choose one? Wait – scratch that. Let’s ask a different question. Do you choose just one? Or do you choose more than one?

Don’t Subscribe to More Than One Library

There are many MicroStock agencies like Stock Photo Secrets that are vying for your subscription. But hey, that’s life, right? Everyone is looking for your business in one way or another. As you browse from one library to another trying to choose which MicroStock library best fits your needs, have you considered that one may not be enough? Perhaps a better option would be to select all of them. Well, perhaps not all of them – let’s take a look at a few of them to see what they have to offer.


Sun IllustrationsDepositPhotos is popular. They are one of those companies that are quiet. As massive as they are, they kind of just sit in the background reaping the benefits of their vast library. Now, they didn’t exactly come from modest beginnings – they had their own struggles when they were starting out. However, now they offer competitive compensation plans for their artists, a wide variety of categories (36 total), and close to 50 million images. The biggest downside to DepositPhotos is the fact that they do not offer audio files. However, they do offer sun stock photos, editorial photos, sun illustrations, vector images and videos.

iStock by Getty Images

iStock does more than just offer images. They have their own blog posts to help people decide what to do with those images. The beautiful thing about iStock is you can pay-as-you-go. You don’t need to commit to a predefined number of credits to make a purchase. Their library includes images, audio, video, vectors and illustrations. Graphic designers and marketers alike love iStock because of their low prices and payment plan flexibility.


123RF is climbing the ranks of stock photo agencies. If you’re on a budget, 123RF has your back with low-resolution photos that begin at $1 a pop. Their library consists of over 37 million distinct images. However, they only offer images, illustrations and vector files. They do not provide stock audio or stock video files. Back to the budget thing, though – 123RF also offers free files. That’s something worth considering adding to your own personal library – even if you don’t need them right away. Who knows? One day you just might.